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About IMK

Why a Klub for Influencer Marketing?

The IMK was founded with a bold vision: to cultivate the largest community of experts in the field of Influencer Marketing worldwide.

As our industry continues to evolve and mature at a rapid pace, we believe that by uniting our forces, we can create a thriving stage for the diverse talent, ideas, and experiences within today's KOL Marketing community.

Our purpose is to:

At IMK, we are deeply committed to the belief that Influencer Marketing holds the key to driving positive change and making the web - and the world - a better place.

Our community shares a common set of values and fosters the exchange of knowledge, inspiration and powerful resources to push the boundaries of today's digital landscape.

Together, we can shape the future of influence and create a lasting impact.

Meet our community

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Our membership benefits

Expert Network

Connect with international influencer marketing experts from leading brands across different industries to a dedicated Slack channel & more.

Exclusive Events

Exchange best practices and ideas and get inspired by our expert speakers at members-only digital and physical meet-up sessions.

Research & Resources

Free access to the latest research & resources dedicated to KOL marketing, including data analysis, trend reports, masterclasses & more.

Think Tank

Expert collective dedicated to shape the future of influencer marketing and represent our interests amongst policy makers & industry stakeholders.

Our values

Created to inspire a new era of influencer marketing, our community shares a set of common values and goals.


Cultivate a collaborative environment where members can connect, network, and build meaningful relationships.


Promote ethical and responsible practices in influencer marketing to ensure authenticity, transparency, and trustworthiness.


Maintain strict confidentiality within the IMK community, respecting the privacy and sensitive information shared by our members.


Embrace the diversity and authenticity of our community, valuing genuine connections and real engagement.

Membership conditions

The IMK is exclusively open for qualified experts and leaders in the Influencer Marketing Industry. We are always happy to welcome new members - feel free to reach out if the following conditions apply to your business:

* Membership is free Kolsquare clients and partners